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Wine 101 - $50


We know that wine helps us catch a buzz. That's fantastic and we like catching a buzz, but how do grapes even turn into wine? What does all that stuff on the label mean? And what's the big deal about getting wine from France anyways?

In this class we'll bring it back to basics and demystify a lot of what's going on in the wine world. A great class for anyone who'd like to get more out of their wine buying and drinking experience. Like.... everyone, right?

Class will cover:

  • How wine is made, and key decisions farmers and winemakers are faced with
  • How to taste and evaluate wine
  • Wine storage and service
  • How to read wine labels, and why they're so different from one another
  • Tasting through several wines from a range of classic varietals and wine regions, with evaluation of each to explore what makes them special
  • Q&A throughout the class to answer any questions you may have!
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