Revisit Riesling Wine Flight - Wednesday September 20, 5-10pm

Last time, we took a look close look at German Riesling, alone. This time, we're bringing back this misunderstood varietal to examine how cold and warm climates can significantly affect the final wine. There has been a long history of this grape. The earliest of references of planted Riesling dates back to 1435! Take flight with this special varietal and get a clearer understanding of the climate in which it thrives, the history, and sugar levels (they’re not all sweet!).


Introduction to Natural Wine Class - Tuesday September 19, 7-9pm

"Natural" wine has been gaining a lot of currency in modern wine drinking culture, and we're big fans as well. But the very term "natural wine" has so many different meanings to different people that it's somehow confounded even the hipsters. These wines sometimes sound like a science experiment gone wrong, but the end result will often stun the palate in the most playful of ways - from nutty and oxidized, to juicy and zippy. Let's just say, they have a certain je ne sais quoi! 

So come explore the natural. We'll unpack what makes a wine natural as opposed to their conventional counterparts, and taste through a range of wines to compare and contrast this broad and ever-expanding segment of the wine world!


Kriek Beer Flight - Thursday September 14, 5-11pm

Oude Kriek beer! As you may have already known, Oude is the Dutch word for “old,” and often is found on the labels of some of my favorite beers. The term infers that the beer has been allowed to age, or is a blend of many different aged beers. The deep, tart malted flavors of the barrel are intoxicating in more ways than just the usual. To heighten the already rich experience found in the beer, some genius thought “Hey, why not add cherries?” The marriage of the two flavors are a match made by the gods. Chocolate, coffee, bitter almonds, and caramel all splash against the tart and sour (and nearly all organic) cherry juice. From Cerasus to Paradox Brewery, this tasting is the hippest game in town.